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Dear Visitors,

Please note that only  (English version: is the official website of the Tsarskoe Selo State Museum and Heritage Site. Only the information and electronic tickets provided by this website are valid for visiting the Museum individually *.

Beware of ”twin” websites which may look similar to the Museum’s and even use its information, pictures and screenshots. Such “twin” websites can appear among (and sometimes as top) results on search engines together with our official website.

Those “twin” websites are not necessarily fake or fraudulent scammers but some tour services offering combined tours and (often much) more expensive tickets. They may also charge the Catherine Park fee during the park’s free period (late October to late April) or promise easy, queue-free entry to the palace and not keep the promise.

Visitors should either avoid the unofficial “twin” websites, which post information and offer services as if on behalf of the Museum, or use those at their own discretion and risk.

* The Museum does not work with groups directly. Groups either come as individuals or book tours via websites of official travel companies providing group guides and transfer (search online “group tours to Catherine Palace”, compare offers before choosing).