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Our museum's Palace in Bloom project wins a St Petersburg of the Future 2024 award in the Collaboration of the Year nomination.

The seventh annual award by the Sobaka.Ru magazine gathered "local professionals who develop and modernize our city" at the Astoria Hotel in downtown St Petersburg on 8 February. Fifteen award nominations celebrated the best activists, architects, critics, designers, curators, restorers, urbanists, ecologists and developers, whose projects and initiatives became the biggest and most important in 2023.

The trophies for our winning project were awarded to Olga Taratynova, Tsarskoe Selo Director, Tatiana Andreeva, Head of Alexander Palace Development, and Maxim Languev, a St Petersburg designer and florist supervising the Palace in Bloom project.

Lasting from September 2023 through August 2024, our floral project returns the feeling of home and family warmth into the former private rooms of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna in the Alexander Palace of Tsarskoe Selo.