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Our museum's travelling exhibition project Peter I: The Amber Way's Beginning arrives at the Volodarske Local History Museum in the Donetsk People's Republic.

A banner version of the exhibition covers one of the brightest episodes from the ear of Peter the Great: the appearance in Russia of the Amber Room, created in Prussia and presented by their King Frederick William I to Tsar Peter I of Russia. Twenty banners illustrate those pages of Russian history with images of paintings, engravings and exhibits from our collection, as well as photos of the legendary interior. The latter's VR version, developed thanks to financial support from Gazprom, is also available to visitors.

Continuing cooperation with the Volodarske Museum from May 2023, Tsarskoe Selo already provided our colleagues with some exhibition equipment, a newly made website, and a Christmas/New Year tree with ornaments. The organisation of a children's centre is in talks.