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Until 25 February the Great Hall of the Catherine Palace houses the exhibition Gifts from Museum Friends showcasing over 80 of more than 180 objects donated by or obtained thanks to members of our Museum's Friends Society in 2023.

On display are graphics, paintings, porcelain, clothing, weapons, photographs and postcards.

Particularly noteworthy:

  • Two mid nineteenth-century oil on canvas paintings 'Sappers of the Life-Guards Sapper Battalion digging earth fortifications' and 'Patrol of Her Majesty's Chevalier Guard regiment halted near camp' by Carl Friedrich Schulz (1796–1866), belonged to Alexander II's collection, looted from Tsarskoe Selo during World War II (donated by Mikhail Karisalov)
  • A watrecolour by Lyubov Endaurova (1853–c.1938), a sister of Elisabeth Boehm (née Endaurova), a popular Russian painter and postcard designer (donated by Moskovsky Department Store)
  • Watercolours by Nina Zinserling (donated by Vsevolod Zinserling) and George Loukomski (donated by GEROPHARM)
  • Three blue jasperware vases of the 1890s by Villeroy & Boch, Germany, and a 1880s lacquered wood box with 'Peter (the Great) in a Storm at Lake Ladoga' painting by Vasily O. Vishnyakov Factory, Ostashkovo Village near Moscow (donated by Olga and Alexander Borisov and POLISAN)
  • Early twentieth-century dolls by Sсhoenau & Hoffmeister, Armand Marseille and J. D. Kestner (donated by Svetlana Pchelnikova)
  • An early twentieth-century Cherkeska with gazyr breast pockets (gazyrs) and other important objects for our 'Russia in the Great War' museum at the Martial Chamber (donated by Alexey Gnedovsky, Yury Shabanov-Kube, Alexander Sirotkin, Anton Prokofiev and other collectors)

The exhibition is included in Catherine Palace Tour 1