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The Hall with a Slide in the Alexander Palace houses the sixth installment of Palace in Bloom, our year-long project aimed to bring back the feeling of home and family warmth into the former residence of Russia's last imperial family.

The February series of arrangements consists of azaleas, camellias and dandelions, accentuated with Paphiopedilums (Venus slipper) and placed in birch-like cachepots.

Supervised by St Petersburg's designer and florist Maxim Languev, each of the flower arrangements is in some way connected with the history of the Alexander Palace and the tastes and lives of its former imperial owners.

According to surviving historical documents, a large number of different varieties of camellias and azaleas with delicate pink, white and cream flowers were regularly purchased to be grown in the Tsarskoe Selo Greenhouses for interior decoration of the palace.

The Palace in Bloom project was launched in September 2023. Through August 2024, twelve series of flower and plant arrangements created by St Petersburg designers and florists in collaboration with our museum are succeeding each other monthly in the former private rooms of Nicholas II and Alexandra Fiodorovna.