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On 27 February, the Alexander Palace of Tsarskoe Selo hosted a conference titled The history of the founding of the Imperial Russian Military Historical Society (IRMHS). It was co-organised with the Leningrad region branch and the Moscow directorate of Russia's Military Historical Society.

The Alexander Palace is where all significant events related to the founding of the IRMHS took place in 1907, hence the choice of it for the conference.

Held in the Great Library of the palace, the conference offered presentations based on research results of the IRMHS activities and delivered by professional historians from St Petersburg, Tsarskoe Selo, the Suvorov Museum, the Artillery Museum and the Russian National Library Archive. Additionally presented were archival documents of 1907 related to the founding of the IRMHS.

One of the key events at the conference was the presentation in Nicholas II's Working and State Studies of two new paintings by Andrei Romasyukov, a military artist and expert in Russian military history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Emperor Nicholas II giving consent to name the Russian Military Historical Society 'Imperial' on 20 October 1907 and Emperor Nicholas II receiving the IRMHS deputation on 22 November 1907.