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The re-establishment of the historical ferry service that connected the Hall on the Island with the Catherine Park became one more landmark in the revival of the Tsarskoye Selo palace-and-park complex.

Now, as two centuries ago, a pair of ferries with snow-white railings carry visitors to the Island, restoring a romantic note to the old park. The ferry service not only enlarges the area of the museum-preserve accessible to visitors, but also opens up a completely new panorama of the Catherine Park. The revived ferry connects in a single ensemble the Admiralty, the island in the Great Lake and the Chesme Column, which it makes possible to view and visit. The terminal for the ferry is the landing-stage opposite the island that was built to Luigi Rusca’s design in 1810.

The ferries were produced by specialist shipbuilders and can carry up to 25 people at a time.

Ferry 1 (from the Granite Pier) – a ride lasts around 7 minutes
Ferry 2 (from the Ferry Pier near the Admiralty) – a ride lasts around 11 minutes