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A cycling route of 5 km is available in the Alexander Park from 16 September 2020.

The park's bike ban, which has been effective for several years because of visitor complaints about dangerously speeding cyclists, is now lifted. However, only leisure low-speed riding along the designated route is allowed. No sport riding or maneuvering potentially hazardous to other visitors.

The route connects the park's three major entrance gates: near the Lyceum in the East, at the Rose Gatehouse in the South, and on the Spruce Alley from Aleksandrovskaya village in the West. It runs along the beautiful landscapes and historic pavilions of the UNESCO World Heritage site, which makes separated bikeways impossible to build and therefore cyclists and other visitors sharing the designated route have to be careful.

Adding the cycling route on the park alleys, we tried to make it as comfortable as possible for both cyclists and pedestrian visitors. That is why there is no entry with bikes through the gates other than the above-mentioned three, especially near the Imperial Farm where carriage rides go and near the White Tower where children's programs often occur.

Alexander Park Opening Hours

Bicycle parking racks are placed near the park gates at the Triangle Square, on Kadetsky Boulevard and near the Martial Chamber, the Lyceum and the Alexander Palace.

Please also note that the Museum's Babolovo Park is free and bike-friendly and can be reached by the Under-Caprice Road. The other bike-friendly parks in Pushkin Town: the Farm (Fermsky) Park, the Separate (Otdelny) Park and the Buffer (Buferny) Park.