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The twentieth anniversary of the Amber Room's reconstruction this year is commemorated with an exhibition praising its restorers.

The photo exhibition is titled People of the Amber Room Revival. It runs at the Admiralty pavilion in the Catherine Park from 1 June through 2 July 2023. Open daily (except Mondays) 11am to 6pm. Free admission with a park ticket.

Over fifty photographs of 1979 to 2022 show restorers from the Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop who brought the "Eight Wonder of the World" back to life, as well as Alexander Kedrinsky, the author of the reconstruction project, Ivan Sautov, director of Tsarskoe Selo for over twenty years, and others involved in the 24-year project.

Besides the beauty of the re-created masterpiece, photographers Pavel Markin, Alexander Minin, Alexander Dogadin, Vadim Gundarov, Valery Bugaev and Evgeny Voroshilov captured the restorers at work, engaged in amber carving and amber panel assembling, and momentous events like the return of the Amber Room's original Florentine mosaic and commode that were considered lost in World War Two.

Most of the photographs come from the private archives of our painting collection curator Larisa Bardovskaya, who was also the museum's head curator for many years, and restorer Natalia Fomicheva.

A VR version of the Amber Room is available to visitors of the exhibition until 6 June.