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A VR version of the legendary Amber Room was presented at the Catherine Palace on 18 April 2022.

The uniquely detailed VR project was developed by the museum and the company Stereoforma and financially supported by PAO Gazprom.

The virtual version is an exact interactive model of the famous palace interior in Russian, English and Chinese. It gives one an experience of being inside the masterpiece and zooming into some wonderful details that often remain unnoticed during a palace tour. The unique 3D visualisation, which took a year to be created, preserves the patterns and reflective properties of amber. Similar VR projects at the Palace of Versailles and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History have a lower level of detalisation.

Used in exhibition projects, the VR Amber Room is a great opportunity for those who cannot visit Tsarskoe Selo but will be able to see the "world's eighth wonder" it its beauty and majesty. With support from Russia's Ministry of Culture, in May 2022 this project will join the exhibition "Peter I: The Beginning of the Amber Road" to travel to Kaliningrad, Voronezh and Pskov, and later the other cities in Russia and abroad.