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After walking around the palaces and parks of Tsarskoye Selo you can relax and refresh yourself in the cafés and restaurants of the Tsarskoselsky Present chain.

Tsarskoselsky PresentThe Tzar's Village Present Restaurant and Grand Café are located in a semicircular wing of the Catherine Palace alongside the Gold Gate. Their windows provide a superb view of the parade ground and the Catherine Palace. In summer light lunches are available on the terrace.

In summer the Bosquet Café functions in the Catherine Park, by the entrance to the palace. Its open terrace is enclosed by a hedge with an elegant arch entwined by a wild grapevine. The Bosquet is an excellent setting for buffets and cocktails in the open air. A light lunch or dinner in the café makes a superb end to an outing to the former residence.

A small, cosy café also operates in the central vestibule of the Catherine Palace.

Tsarskoselsky Present cafés
Phone/Fax: +7 (812) 470 7431
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The Admiralty Restaurant is located on the bank of the Great Pond in the Catherine Park, in one of the buildings of the Admiralty complex that was constructed in 1773 to the design of the court architect Vasily Neyelov. In summer months the restaurant has a terrace  Admiraltydirectly on the bank of the pond.

Admiralty Restaurant
Russian and European cuisine.   Phone/Fax:
+7 (812) 465 3549