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Tsarskoe Selo State Museum and Heritage Site
7 Sadovaya Street, Pushkin, St Petersburg, 196601 
(25 kilometres south of St Petersburg downtown)

Getting here from Vitebsky railway terminal or Kupchino railway station of St Petersburg:
Suburban train to Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin town) railway station, then a 25-30 min walk or by bus:

  • 370, 376, 378, 382 to Sadovaya Ulitsa (Sadovaya Street, Catherine Palace)
  • 236, 385 to Leontievskaya Ulitsa
  • 371 to Aleksandrovsky Dvorets (Alexander Palace)
  • 273, 373, 380, 381 to Sadovaya Ulitsa

Bus stops around the Catherine Palace and Park

Схема расположения остановок общественного транспорта

Getting here from Moskovskaya metro station of St Petersburg:
Bus 299 to Sadovaya Ulitsa (Sadovaya Street, Catherine Palace)
Bus 187 to Egipetskie Vorota (Egyptian Gate), then a 15-20 min walk

Getting here from Kupchino Metro Station of St Petersburg:
Bus 186 or Bus 342 to Sadovaya Ulitsa (Sadovaya Street, Catherine Palace)

Paid Parking (Platnaya Parkovka) for visitors to the Catherine Palace:
1 Oranzhereinaya Ulitsa (Orangery Street)

Passenger cars:
Entrance: from Oranzhereinaya Ulitsa
Parking capacity: 120 passenger cars
15 April–30 October: 24 hours. Parking fee ₽ 100 per hour (cashless payment only). 30-day Pass available at ₽ 4,000
November–14 April: Daily 9am–9pm, exit 24 hours. Parking fee ₽ 300 per day (no hour fee), to be paid before entering. 30-day Pass available at ₽ 4,000. Payment only by Russian-issued card Mir.

Tourist buses:
Entrance: from Konyushennaya Ulitsa
Parking capacity: 50 buses
Parking fee ₽ 100 per day (no hour fee). Payment only by Russian-issued card Mir.
15 April–30 Oct: Daily 8am–8pm
November–14 April: Daily 9am–7pm

Free Parking (Parkovka) for visitors to the Alexander and Babolovo Parks: