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Hotel Ekaterina


Hotel Ekaterina is located in the southern part of the semicircular wings of the Catherine Palace. Visitors to Tsarskoe Selo will find here an ideal combination of old traditions and modern comfort, and have the opportunity to plunge themselves into the atmosphere of past centuries, to experience history first-hand and relax from the noise and bustle of urban life.

Apart from comfortable accommodation (luxury and standard rooms) the Hotel Ekaterina also offers a venue for group celebrations and presentations, corporate events, seminars and training sessions.

With its slogan "100 steps from the Amber Room", Ekaterina had been holding high ratings in’s Guest Review Awards for several years.

Address: 5A Sadovaya Str, Pushkin, St Petersburg, 196601
Phone: + 7 (812) 466-80-42 / +7 (812) 415-76-42

For  reservations  or  questions e-mail  to:

Reservations at our Hotel Ekaterina are possible only via email

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