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Dear Visitors

We are pleased to inform that the Catherine and Alexander Parks of Tsarskoe Selo open from Friday, 3 July 2020.

All the necessary anti-pandemic safety standards will be maintained, including regular disinfection of contact surfaces.


  • Refrain from visiting the Museum if you have symptoms of cold/flu or feel unwell
  • Wear hygienic masks and gloves indoors
  • Keep social distancing of 1.5–2 metres
  • Avoid oncoming groups on park paths
  • Use hand antiseptics
  • Use contactless payment wherever possible

CATHERINE PARK Entrances (ticketed):  entry hours 9.00–19.00, exit until 21.00

Dated Tickets available on the day at Park Ticket Booths; Open-Dated Tickets (for one visit, valid through 18 Oct) available online on our website’s Russian version . Hard-copy IDs and documents allowing reduced rates are required.

Park pavilions are closed, except the Cameron Gallery Colonnade. Available: Great Pond Ferry Service and park tours for groups of 5 (five).  

ALEXANDER PARK Entrances (free):  entry hours 10.00–20.30, exit until 22.00

The Catherine Palace and some other displays are already open