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This year's art and fashion show of our Project Associations returned after a 2 year pandemic hiatus and gathered over 15,000 spectators in the Catherine Park of Tsarskoe Selo.

Project Associations is about modern fashion inspired by the 300-year-old former imperial residence of Tsarskoe Selo, with all its styles, monuments and artifacts. Themed around music and titled High Note, the event was blessed with abundant sunshine and a high temperature, which immensely added to the enjoyment.

Four lead fashion designers of St Petersburg – Tatyana Parfionova, Lilia Kisselenko, Stas Lopatkin and Ianis Chamalidy – demonstrated their collections at the park's most picturesque sites. The show was directed by Yury Alexandrov of the Sankt-Peterburg Opera music theatre.

Inspired by Rimsky-Korsakov's Snow Maiden opera, Tatyana Parfionova's collection for Associations  was showcased on the green grass of the Maids-of-Honour Garden by the Cameron Gallery, with artificial snowflakes and ballet elements.

The Staircase of the Cameron Gallery nearby hosted the show of Lilia Kisselenko's collection in black, red and blue, with a Catherine II and to the music of Rakhmaninov, Mozart and Prokofiev.

The show of Stas Lopatkin's collection of over 100 fashion items on the Mirror Pond near the Upper Bathhouse was very atmospheric, with opera arias and French 1960-70s songs and unexpected "poultry yard" elements.

Designer Ianis Chamalidy was inspired by an opera about Peter the Great, hence the tsar in his show near the Catherine Palace's park facade. Peter's reform-loving demeanor is reflected in Ianis' avant-garde fashion style, with deconstructivism and asymmetrical cuts. The main idea of this collection is innovation.

Associations 2022: High Note culminated with a final gala show the park facade of the Catherine Palace.