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6 July through 30 October 2023, the Martial Chamber of Tsarskoe Selo houses the exhibition On Air Flying dedicated to aeronautics of the early twentieth century and during the First World War.

Put on display in our WWI Museum, the exhibition mostly showcases previously unpublished photographic materials of Evgeny Karamyshev (1888–1938), a Russian and Soviet military engineer and balloonist whose descendants graciously donated the photos to our Museum.

Also noteworthy are early twentieth-century video newsreels from the Russian State Film and Photo Archive in Krasnogorsk, which were specially selected and digitised for the exhibition. Visitors can also see digital copies of photographs from the collections of the DOSAAF of Russia's Central House of Aviation and Cosmonautics, the Vadim Zadorozhny Museum of Technology, the Alexander Solzhenitsyn Foundation, and the Dolgoprudny Encyclopedia multimedia project.

The Museum thanks teachers and students of the design department with the National Research University 'Higher School of Economics – St Petersburg' for designing and arranging the exhibition space.

Part of our project In the Sky of Tsarskoe Selo: Aeronautics at the Imperial Residence, the exhibition is open daily (except Wednesdays) during museum hours.