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45-minute audio-guided tours in Russian in 6-passenger cars

No tours in incessant rain


October 9 – Late April:  Closed

Late April – October 8:

Catherine Park (landscape area): Grotto, Cameron Gallery, Turkish Bath, Pyramid, Gothic Gate, Tower Ruin, Orlov Gate, Concert Hall, Evening Hall

Tickets: 11.00–17.45 daily near Ferry Pier and Admiralty

Alexander Park: No Tours Currently

Tickets: 11.00–18.00 daily near Rastrelli Monument


Catherine Park (landscape area): Rub 700 per passenger (free for children under 5 seated on parents' laps)

Individual tour for group of 1 to 6 — ₽ 4,200 (TBC)

One-hour rent with driver: 7-seat car — ₽ 10,000 (for booking email to: or

Alexander Park: No Tours Currently

Rub 150 per passenger

Unguided ride from Rastrelli Monument to Arsenal or Chapelle: Rub 50 per passenger

One-hour rent with driver: 7-seat car – Rub 4,500; 5-seat VIP car – Rub 6,000 (for booking:

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