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Celebrating tomorrow’s World Thatre Day, Tsarskoe Selo and actors of St Petersburg’s Akimov Comedy Theatre join forces in a project titled No Strangers.

The actors Alexander Matveev, Irina Mazurkevich and Valeriy Nikitenko (see above) read aloud poetry in the Great Hall, Amber Room and other interiors of the Catherine Palace, as well as in some of the most beautiful places in the Catherine Park. The project reminds the viewer of timeless poems by Alexander Pushkin, Vasily Komarovsky, Dmitry Klenovsky, Osip Mandelstam and others. Its video will be posted on the social media channels of the Museum and the Akimov Comedy Theatre with the hashtags #карантинсостихами and #нечужие tomorrow, March 27.

Meanwhile, our project Quarantine with Poems, with the Museum’s employees reciting Tsarskoe Selo related poetry by Fyodor Tyutchev, Anna Akhmatova, Erich Gollerbakh and Vsevolod Rozhdestvensky, has been available in Stories on our Instagram with the hashtag #карантинсостихами since March 19.