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Flower décor of Tsarskoe Selo


The flower decoration of Tsarskoe Selo is expected to be wonderful this year. Our Greenhouses have prepared nearly 300,000 flower seedlings to be planted in the Catherine and Alexander Parks starting from late April.

This year's spring flower décor will consist of pansies (Viola tricolor) of 25 types, as well as our "traditional" tulips.

Typical of the eighteenth century, vegetable flower beds will embellish our parks again with varieties of peppers, fennel, sage and even tomatoes. The "vintage" flowers like matthiola, clarkia and trachelium will emphasize the historical spirit of the place.

Rose, the "flower empress" of Tsarskoe Selo, will return in multiple types, most of them historical: Blush Damask (1759), Souvenir du Docteur Jamain (1865) or Blanche Fleur (1835). Also historical are the types of peonies and phloxes, the regulars on our flowerbeds as well.